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Our own Soundcloud page is now up. You can listen to one track from each album (going back to Leap Into Fall from 2002).

A Day In June - Prelisten and Preorder

Finally! there is something from the new album to listen to. It is always difficult for us to choose that one track for you to prelisten, as we think and work entirely album-oriented.
But we do like
Oxen Of The Sun featuring some great singing from both our lead-singers and hope you'll like it, too.
The official release date for the album is 31 May, but you already order (and get!) it from the
QuiXote-Music webshop.

A Day In June

Our label QuiXote-Music's official press release:

After their successful adaptation of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest on their last album Island Noises, Poor Genetic Material spent two years to develop another literature-inspired project which also gave them the opportunity to realize a plan they had been brewing for quite a while: that of bringing together Phil Griffiths and his dad, Martin (of Beggar’s Opera fame), as lead singers on one album. On A Day in June, Martin shares the vocals with Phil on three songs, and each of them has two lead tracks. James Joyce’s novel Ulysses, on which the new album is based, provides an ideal frame of reference for this collabo-ration in that it both tells of father-son-relationships and opens up a wide array of themes and motifs to play around with. Apart from the resulting lyrics, which are refreshingly different from the run-of-the-mill fare of much of today’s rock music, the album features what over the years has matured into the band’s distinctive musical style. Excellent playing combined with inventive songwriting went into creating tracks that range from the delicately melodious to the more noisily progressive, from accessible tunes to quirkily complex arrangements. But what makes the album truly unique is indeed the singing: Martin is back with a voice that is as powerful and captivating as ever and Phil leaves us amazed at what he can pull out of his bag of musical tricks. The way the two voices at times resemble each other and then cover entirely different points of the vocal spectrum makes for a rare treat. All in all, A Day in June shows Poor Genetic Material at the height of their creative powers.

PGM in 2013

2013 will be a PGM-year. There will be at least (!) three new releases from our camp.
The next Poor Genetic Material album "A Day in June" is scheduled for a release in May. More about that in due time.
Before that we have two extremely interesting releases featuring members of PGM:
Coarbegh - "The Colour of Happiness": Stefan and Philipp J. have teamed up with jazz-singer Jutta Brandl and classical flutist Pia Darmstaedter (plus guest-bassist Rabin Dasgupta from the Amber Light) to record this album of songs that did not fit in the PGM-context but were simply too good to be put aside. Beautiful music between art-pop, electronica, psychedelic, ...
Autumnal Blossom "Against the Fear of Death": This is our flutist Pia's band, who recorded this album produced by Stefan and Philipp - a lot of classical influences here, a lot of prog, too, some folk... and a lot more.
Both albums will be released in March. Pre-orders will be taken soon and of course there will be something to listen to.

Christmas Special at QuiXote-Music

Our label QuiXote-Music is currently running a Christmas-Special selling all our albums (those that are still available, that is) at 6.95 €, the double album Island Noises at 9,95€. We understand that this offer lasts until Christmas. So if you're interested, go to the QuiXote-Shop.

Vocal Recordings

Vocal recordings for the new album "A Day in June" have started. This time Philip will share vocal duties with his father Martin Griffiths (of Beggars Opera fame). See some photos on our Facebook page.

A New Album ...

All the backing tracks for the next PGM album have now been recorded. Still a lot of work to do with lyrics, vocal recordings and mixing. So it's too early to talk about a release date, let's just say we're aiming at A Day in June. More soon.

Among the Top German prog-albums of the past 40 years

The new issue of the German magazine eclipsed has a list of the Top 40 German prog-albums since 1970 (in chronological order). Two albums from 2011 in that list - one of them is Island Noises!

"One of the finest releases in prog-rock in 2011."

... that's what the Dutch Progressive Rock Pages, one of the most important prog-sites, say about Island Noises. Great duo review here.

PGM MusicStore at Facebook

Our Facebook site now has its own music store. Here you can listen to three tracks and you can buy our music directly from there. Three of our albums are already there. More soon.

Island Noises at Progstreaming.com

For all who want to listen before they spend money on music: the entire album is available for free streaming at www.progstreaming.com (for a limited time only).

MySpace and Facebook

Listen to our music on MySpace and join us at Facebook.

Island Noises: English Reviews

English reviews have now started to come in. Here is what they have to say:

Poor Genetic Material seems to be that rare breed of progressive minded band that embraces melody and strong song-writing as part of the musical expanse that it celebrates. With
Island Noises, the expanse has widened and the band has created its ultimate masterwork.

A modern marvel.
Sea of Tranquility

A swell trip of discovery and fascination.

Weeeeeoooooo! Weeeeeoooooo! Concept album alert.
Hang on, don't run away, this is great stuff.
Get Ready to Rock

Genuinely creative and intriguing; a delightful listening experience. Strongly recommended!
Danger Dog

Island Noises: German Reviews

Here is what German reviewers have to say about Island Noises:

"Ein Meisterwerk dieser Stilistik, dieses Genres."
Babyblaue Seiten

"Ein Konzeptstreich, der einem voller Erstaunen und Begeisterung schier den Mund offen stehen lässt."
Break Out

"Was für ein schönes Album, ganz große Klasse, der bisherige Höhepunkt des musikalischen Schaffens von Poor Genetic Material."

"Anmut und Komplexität. Artrock par excellence. Bravo!"

"PGM liefern in den 98 Minuten Musik “full of noises“ und haben ihr Meisterwerk kreiert, wobei sich die Frage stellt: Ist dieses noch zu übertreffen? Ein absoluter Tipp!!!"
Home of Rock

"Die vielleicht beste deutsche Art-Rock Formation ... ihr bisheriges Meisterwerk."
Hooked on Music

"Ein Meisterwerk des emotionalen Artrocks."
Locke's RockSounds

"Je mehr Aufmerksamkeit man diesem Album schenkt, desto mehr gibt es einem zurück. Gewohnt hochklassige POOR GENETIC MATERIAL-Qualität!"

"Für alle Fans atmosphärischer Progsounds ist Island Noises sicher einer der Höhepunkte des Jahres - POOR GENETIC MATERIAL haben wiedereinmal eindrucksvoll gezeigt wie Art Rock klingen muss."


"Im jungen, neuen Jahr ein absolutes Highlight."

"Kaum zu glauben aber wahr: Island Noises ist ein unprätentiöses Mainstream-Prog-Highlight aus Deutschland geworden."

English reviews coming soon.

Download Version of Island Noises

Island Noises (and most of our back catalogue) is now available from Mindawn. Mindawn offers flacs, so for those of you who prefer downloads to physical CDs but want better quality than mp3s, this may be the place to go.
iTunes and all the other digital sellers will have Island Noises shortly.

Musikzirkus Radio

Our new album Island Noises will be presented by Musikzirkus Radio on Thursday, 6th January, 6 p.m. They will play some tracks from the album and also broadcast an interview with the band. You can listen here.

Island Noises - First Reviews

First reviews for Island Noises are coming in:



Not too bad, we should say .-)

Island Noises - Release date and preorders

The official release date of Island Noises is set for 8th February. However, the album can already be preordered from our labels QuiXote-Music and Progrock-Records. Preorders are available at a discount price and will ship from mid-December.
To get an idea of the music on Island Noises listen on our Myspace-Site.

New album: Island Noises

Our new album will be a double concept album based on William Shakespeare's The Tempest. The album is called Island Noises and wlll be released by QuiXote-Music teaming up with Progrock Records (USA). The album was recorded by our usual line-up of Philip Griffiths (vocals), Stefan Glomb (guitars), Philipp Jaehne (keyboards), Dennis Sturm (bass), Dominik Steinbacher (drums). Guests include Martin Griffiths (the legendary Beggar's Opera singer), classical flutist Pia Darmstaedter and jazz singer Jutta Brandl. The artwork was done by Martin Griffiths.